My name is Audrey and I’m a Montreal-based freelancer in content creation and graphic design. I am – and will always be – a very bewildered person. When I graduated from High School, I decided to study nursing. It was probably the biggest loss of time of my entire adult life. I figured out pretty quick that I had absolutely no skills whatsoever for this career. My favourite classes were my optional ones which were Drawing and Painting. Conclusion: I’m probably more of an artist than an everyday hero. I guess you just have to pick your battles from time to time. 

Then, I decided I would try a graphic design class at Cegep Marie-Victorin to develop my artistic skills and experiment a little bit deeper my creative side. After graduation, I started a bachelor’s degree at UQAM. It didn’t last long as I dropped out to join the freelancer life to work with Oatbox, Marie Saint Pierre, Thèsez-Vous and other dynamic startups/compagnies.

Passionate about art, design, photography and everything aesthetic related, I wanted to explore new perspectives while becoming more knowledgeable about social medias – which is where I feel like I can truly express myself. That’s when I decided to invest a lot of my time (not to say all) on my personal content creation career and Instagram account @audreyrivet. I’ve had the opportunities to work with amazing brands such as  Gucci, Aritizia, Mytheresa, Stuart Weitzman, Frank+Oak, Casper, Guerlain, Mejuri, L’Oréal, Le Labo Fragrances, Herbivore, Madewell, Sokoloff, Clarks, GOLO, Mini Living, La Prairie, Arthur Apparel, Oikos Canada and many more!

I cherish beautifully designed restaurants and coffee shops, vintage clothes (and other thrifted treasures), animals (specially my cats), travels, friendships (especially the one who corrected this text) and open minded people.

My educational and professional background both allow me to be a multidisciplinary (yeah!) and useful branding consultant. Don’t be shy, have a look around and hit me up if you think we’d be a good fit and create amazing things together.

All content is directed, created and written by me.